Digital Signage

Explore Our Digital Signage Solutions
From Video Walls to state of the art Virtual Kiosks.

Digital Signage


Digital solutions can be designed and configured in many ways, and can serve a wide variety of signage needs for a business. Our project managers meet with clients, listen to their needs, examine the client’s facility and identify opportunities for a digital installation. Tyson’s turnkey digital solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of each client.

Video Walls

T-Media video wall solutions add visual presence and enhance the aesthetics of any facility. With only one media player centrally located, a video wall can display a wide variety of scheduled content seamlessly between screens at HD resolutions.


A digital kiosk is far more than JUST A SIGN on the wall – kiosks offer amazing interactive capabilities. From wayfinding kiosks with real or virtual keyboards, to multi-purpose healthcare kiosks, to airport e-ticketing systems, T-Media’s expert digital specialists work closely with clients to find the right digital solution for each project.

Content Creation + Management

Companies need to communicate with many audiences on a regular basis – employees, customers, investors and more. T-Media Digital Signage solutions can help your corporate communications reach everyone that visits your facility.


From screens to display digital content to media-players, T Media offers top-notch hardware that will fit virtually any environment.

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